Our Educational Mission

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Rivers Project in cooperation with Meeting of the Rivers Foundation seeks to deliver quality education and programming throughout the region. Our goal is to teach about the wonders of public lands and waters. By focusing on the natural resources, navigation system, recreational activities, history, and culture of the Mississippi River, we can truly appreciate the holistic importance of this treasured natural resource.

School and Youth Programming

Our educational programs are designed to educate about the natural, cultural, and historical importance of the Mississippi River watershed. Through these programs, youth groups, students, and teachers can participate in hands-on activities that sustain river resources for today and tomorrow.

Program Policies

All our programs are FREE of charge!

We kindly ask that program reservations be made at least two weeks in advance, and that any cancellations be made two weeks prior to your program date.

Most outdoor activities must be scheduled at the Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary location. Please contact us for specific site requests or questions.

Group Size
We keep student/teacher ratios small so opportunities for learning can be big! Maximum of 10 students per chaperone.

If visiting one of our project areas for a field trip, please be advised that inclement weather may occur and can result in a cancellation. We will work with you for rescheduling programs. 

If visiting for the purpose of viewing wildlife, your chances of seeing wildlife are higher in the morning but vary throughout the seasons. Please be advised that we cannot guarantee specific wildlife sightings. 

Program Guide

Our School & Youth Program Guide supplies a detailed list of all programming the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Rivers Project can provide within the region.

Request a Program

If you wish to schedule a program please contact the Rivers Project Program Coordinator, Corrinne O’Brien, at either of the below forms of communication.

Please allow at least 5 business days for response to inquiries.


Professional Development Opportunities for Educators

Rivers Project park rangers can present educator workshops on a variety of curricula at the National Great Rivers Museum. All workshops are offered to interested parties and are excellent opportunities to gain teaching resources related to the Mississippi River. To stay informed on upcoming workshop dates, follow our Facebook Page or sign up for our newsletter Rivers Reach.